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Devon Harper and Brittany Kucsan

Tsar and Tsarina-life

Born of Tsar Alexander III and Emperess Marie Federovna, Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov was born May 1868 at Krasnoye Selo. Being the eldest son, Nicholas would take the throne when his father died from liver disease in October 1894. He then married Alexandra Fyodorovna  and had five children. Vyacheslav Plehve  was chosen as Minister of the Interior in 1902 by Nicholas.
    He’s the most famous for being the last of the Romanov leader. He began ruling in1894 after Alexander III died. Nicholas II was a weak leader and couldn’t successfully rule Russia. The working middle class was emerging as industrialism reached Russia. He didn’t want the workers to unite and to form unions. Many people believed that the Tsar was the defender of his people, but as the group peacefully marched to him, he refused to meet with them and he ordered to have them shot at. This later became known as Bloody Sunday and helped to set off a revolt in 1905. Later Nicholas decided to help calm the people and agreed to the October Manifest. The October Manifest gave people the civil liberties they wanted. This then created the Duma.
    In 1914 WWI began. Austria declared war on Serbia. Russia found that they weren’t prepared for this battle. They found themselves with inadequate weapons and poor leadership. Nicholas then went to the lines to battle with the rest of the army men, but it was a very bad move. Things began to go wrong for Russia. Prices increased and there were many new problems such as food and fuel shortages, and many new diseases.
    The outbreak in 1914 of WWI briefly swept aside internal conflicts within Russia. Later in 1915, Nicholas went and took over command of the army, leaving Alexandra in control at home. Once Nicholas left to lead the army, Rasputin dominated czarina  Alexandra. He made many decisions for Alexandra, until he was murdered in 1916.
      Nicolas felt it was his responsibility to make decisions for the country with little input from those who helped him. When he would get advice from them, he would meet with them all seperately.
 Most of the time that he recieved help, he would agree with the last minister he spoke with. Even though he agreed with at least one of the ministers at the time, he would later do what he felt was right anyways. Many people did not understand why Nicholas made the decisions he did. The most obvious example of this was Rasputin. Nicholas believed in Rasputin's strange powers in healing and believed that he stopped his son's hemophilia.  Nicholas was very stubborn and religious. He felt he only needed to respond to God and did not need to hear anyone else out.
    Nicholas II, abdication statement (7th March, 1917)Today, I am addressing you for the last time, my dearly loved armies. I have abdicated for myself and for my son, and I am leaving the throne of the Emperors of Russia. Much blood has been shed, many efforts have been made, and the hour of victory is approaching when Russia and her Allies will crush, in the common effort, the last attempts of the enemy. The unprecedented war must be conducted to the final victory. Those who think of peace and wish it now are twice traitors to their country. Every honest soldier must think that way. I urge you to fulfill your duty and to valiantly defend your Russia. Obey the Provisional Government!

    There was a secret meeting and it was decided that the Tsar and his family would be put to death. The family and their remaining servants would be shot. The bodies were either burned or buried in a nearby forest.


1.)When did Tsar Nicholas II begin his ruling?

2.) What is Tsar Nicolas II the most famous for:
    a.) being the last of the Romanov leader.
    b.) fighting in all the battles.
    c.) being the defender of his people.
    d.) shooting at his people.

3.) Why wasn’t Russia prepared for battle?
    a.) to many unions.
    b.) Nicolas shot upon the middle aged working class.
    c.) they found themselves without weapons and poor leadership.

4.) Why did Nicholas II leave Alexandra in charge?
    a.)he wanted to travel the world.
    b.)he felt he was doing a bad job.
    c.)he had hemophilia can couldn’t rule anymore.
    d.)he went to take command of the army.

5.) Who did Tsar Nicholas II believe could help heal his sons disease?
    a.) Rasputin
    b.) Alexandra
    c.) Tsar Nicholas, himself.